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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seeking developer of Ipoh Garden etc.

Hi grandchildren,

While searching for the developer of Ipoh Garden,found this article entitled "Ex-engineer stays busy with charity work".

About Mr Koon making an offer/challenge to members of a sevice club each member to give up a month’s salary to charity, with Mr Koon Yew Yin pledging to match their donations, and that none responded. You know what, gung gung is guessing that the service club would probably be either the local chapters of Rotary International or Lions Club International. Grandpa has initiated attempts to correspond with Mr. Koon and if it succeed, will probably try to find out if grandpa's guess is on the dot. Also, wondering if this founder of IGB (Ipoh Gardens Berhad) is also the founder of Perak Academy.

BTW also found out that Datuk Tan Chin Nam is one of the founder of IGB (Ipoh Garden Berhad). However, IGB may or may not be the developer of Ipoh Garden. As gung gung dig further, let's see if that is so.

Why would grandpa want to contact the developer of Ipoh Garden and/or Mr. Koon
Perhaps one find day grandpa will tell you guys why grandpa wants to communicate with Mr. Koon. Good enough to say that there are more than 1 reason.

OK, here is the article with the wastepaper (opps, the newspaper) the Star:

Ex-engineer stays busy with charity work

IPOH: Retired chartered engineer Koon Yew Yin has spent a large part of his life making others happy by giving out scholarships.

“Happiness to me is giving to others. I don’t expect the recipients to thank me after they graduate.

Big-hearted: Koon, an ex-engineer who loves making other people happy by offering scholarships, at his home in Ipoh.

“All I want is a simple promise that they will help others so that my work will continue even after I have died,” said the 77-year-old philanthropist who offers scholarships on

Charitable Koon Yew Yin founder IGB

Since his retirement in 1983, Koon has kept busy with charity work.

He has paid for the construction of a new extension for the Salvation Army Home for orphans on Jalan Permaisuri Bainun here and gives an annual grant of RM1mil to deserving students of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar).

Koon has also offered RM30mil to the university to build a hostel at its campus in Kampar. Needy students would only have to pay a minimal amount in rental.

”You can keep making money but there is no meaning to life if you don’t know how to spend it because you can’t take any of it with you when you die.

”You must use it effectively to help others and create more happiness. It’s more satisfying,” said Koon, who believes that education can help an entire family come out from poverty.

Koon, the third of 12 children of a coffin shop owner, grew up in Kuala Lumpur during the Japanese Occupation. “I know how poor people feel,” said Koon, who obtained a government scholarship and became a chartered civil engineer. He set up Ipoh Garden Bhd with college mate Yap Lin Sen in 1962.

He is one of the founders of IJM Corporation Bhd, Gamuda Bhd and Mudajaya Group Bhd, three leading public-listed construction companies.

“Two months ago, I was invited to give a talk at a service club,” he said. “I challenged each member to give up a month’s salary to charity, and pledged to match their donations.”

Sadly, none of the members, who were businessmen and professionals, took up Koon’s challenge.

“I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Nevertheless, I just laughed. They have not tried giving to others because if they have and felt the happiness, they would do it over and over again,” he said.

Koon will be giving a talk on “The Conquest of Happiness” at the Syuen Hotel here on Friday at 7.30pm.

He will share his life experiences during the event organised by the Perak Academy.

For details, e-mail: contact@perakacademy or call 05-547 8949 or 016-551 8172.

And here is a little bit of another very rich man, probably very much richer - Taib Mahmud the current Chief Minister of Sarawak where Lewis and Lincoln's other grandpa and grandma came from. A person who already have so much and yet wants more and apparently is quite ruthless in going about it. There is a huge world of difference between Mr. Koon Yew Yin and Taib Mahmud in what they do with the riches they have acquired. Stories about Taib Mahmud are not pleasant to read including the one below about how a person who have helped Taib Mahmud's family business overcome some financial and/or organizational difficulties but in return had probably been hounded to death. Which, Koon or Mahmud, would you prefer to be like when you grandchildren grows up. I certainly it will not be Taib Mahmud.

Letter reveals Taib's billionaire status

Oct 16, 10

A letter that a former employee of Taib Mahmud's family business empire wrote to the Sarawak chief minister in 2006 reveals the former's billionaire status, claims the website Sarawak Report.

Taib Mahmud the greedy ruthless billionaire Sarawak Chief Minister

The letter which was written by the late Ross Boyert also reveals a meeting between the chief minister's Canadian son-in-law Sean Murray with “multi-billionaire banker” David Rockefeller to effect a transfer in excess of US$100 million that Boyert claimed was “seemingly effortless”.

Sean Murray son in law of greedy billionaire Taib Mahmud

NONEThe website has published the key points of the 388-page letter that Boyert had written to Taib to complain about his sacking as chief operating officer (COO) of Sakti International, the Taib family's United States-based property company.

The Sarawak Report article follows news of the 60-year-old's untimely death last Sunday.

Boyert (left), in the letter, explains how Murray in 1994 had “bragged about the chief minister's extreme wealth”, and disclosed his meeting with Rockefeller.

Murray, husband to Taib's daughter Jamilah, had at that time approached Boyert to help run Sakti International.

“The position I accepted in 1994 required the formation of an operating company to administer and renovate the Group's assets... The renovations were to be fully funded by equity capital which I was assured was in ample supply,” wrote Boyert in the letter.

“In his discussion of the family wealth now nearing US$1 billion, Sean told the story of the meeting with David Rockefeller and how his request for funds to be placed in his bank was met with the seemingly effortless transfer of what I was told exceeded US$100,000,000.

“He explained how the family controlled its wealth through a series of interlocking offshore trusts giving the example of Sakti International Corporation, held by Sakti Holdings which is held in turn by Sogo Holdings Limited etc.”

Knew too much?

Sarawak Report speculates that Boyert, in confiding all that he knew about the family business and bitter family rivalries, may have angered the chief minister and put the final nail in the former COO's coffin.

siby by-election nomination day 080510 mahmud taib 02“It is likely however, that by confiding in this way to Abdul Taib Mahmud (right), a man he had met but a few times, and by revealing that he was fully aware of the chief minister's great wealth and commanding role in the company (which was meant to be a closely-guarded secret), Boyert had naively sealed his own fate,” says the website.

“Instead of gaining sympathy, it is likely he would have incurred the old man's ire and convinced him that with all this knowledge, he was a dangerous liability to his company and reputation,” it added.

It claims that Boyert's letter backfired and did not convince Taib to intercede, but that the chief minister instead “left Murray to pursue a devastating counter-suit against Boyert's complaint of unfair dismissal, accusing him on numerous counts of embezzlement and dishonesty.”

It says that the confrontation between Boyert and Murray reveals details of both the Murray family's involvement in Taib's business empire as well as the Sarawak family's true position.

“There is no reason to believe he (Murray) or his family members have controlling shares in the other property companies, despite an increasingly active and important managerial role.”

“Sarawak Report therefore concludes that it may suit the Taibs and flatter the Murrays to conceal the real ownership of this property empire by describing it as a 'Murray family business', but that employees like Ross Boyert knew exactly who is in charge,” it said.

The FBI connection

“Thanks to Boyert we now also know that in an apparent attempt to conceal their ownership further, the Taibs transferred Sakti International to an offshore company based in Jersey in the Channel Islands, named Sogo Holdings Limited in 1997.

NONE“Here the company's ownership is registered under Deutsche Bank International Limited, performing a paid service to act as 'nominee'.

The website says Ross also revealed that Sakti's sister corporation Wallyson's, that owns the Abraham Lincoln Building housing the FBI's top security facility in Seattle, has been transferred to a British Virgin Island company called Rodinmass.

Boyert's letter, says Sarawak Report, made clear the sensitivity of Taib's alleged ownership of this key FBI facility.

“This banker, Mr Bob Koch, knew me, and knew the whole story of ... the Abraham Lincoln Building and our relationship to the FBI.” wrote Boyert.

According to the website, the former employee also complained to Taib that having built up a US$80 million company “for the family they, who already had so much wealth, would turn him away with nothing and then attempt to destroy him.”

According to Sarawak Report, Boyert had for 12 years served as the sole manager of a number of the office blocks and residences owned by the Taib family in San Francisco and Seattle.

He was found dead last Sunday in a Los Angeles hotel room with a bag tied around his head.

"It is speculated that he may have taken his own life, but the coroner is withholding judgement pending further investigations," said Sarawak Report, that has recently published a series of explosive revelations on Sarawak's 'first family'.


Steve Dolan said...

I believe the developers of Ipoh Garden were the Tan brothers. The younger brother, Dato' Tan Chin Nam is still alive and some of the Ipoh Garden story is told in his biography "Never Say I assume. He also developed Midvalley.