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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review: Educational game - build circuit light bulb

(This is the first of a series of reviews of educational games suitable for children and family):

Hi grandchildren, I found a great online game for you to play - Build a circuit, light a bulb. Have fun with it, then who knows perhaps your interest in electricity may be lighted up and you may become a future electrical engineer, physicist like your grandpa, etc.

It is very easy to play. Just 2 things needed - move the mouse and click. As you move the mouse, the soldering iron soldering iron will follow you.

So move the soldering iron (mouse) over to where you would like to add a electricity conducting wire. Click and a piece of wire horizontal electricity conducting wire will be added at that spot.

Not the right shape? No worry. Click again and the shape of the wire will change to another shape. Still not the shape you wanted? Click again and keep clicking until you get what you want. The mouse click is a toggle, toggling between all these options.
verticalhorizontalcurve leftcurve right

The video below will show how to play the game:

I tested the game and it is easy to play. I suspect it is already playable by Lewis who turned 2 this year.

BTW check out these games over at Amazon's amazing online store. When you find something interesting, let grandpa knows and perhaps he may buy it for you for your next birthday:

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